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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction by Dr. Angie Holzer

    2. How to use this course

    3. Course Notebook: Yoga Reflection Journal

    4. Introduction to Yoga and Mental Health Certification

    5. Course Overview and Requirements

    6. Course Overview, Reading & Assignment Requirements

    7. Overview of How Yoga Helps Mental Health

    8. Article: Yoga for Mental Health & Healing

    9. 4 Natural Happiness Chemicals

    10. Exercise: Mental Health Self-Assessment Activity

    11. 5-Minute Activity: Ujjayi Breath

    12. Chapter 1 - Survey

    13. Chapter 1: Quiz

    1. 8 Limbs of Yoga for Mental Health

    2. Teacher's Approach: Friend or Foe to Mental Health

    3. SCARF Model: Know Your Triggers

    4. Activity: SCARF Model Self Assessment Sheet

    5. Teaching Yoga in School Settings (K-12)

    6. Lesson Plan: For Stress & Anxiety (Teacher Script included)

    7. Stress vs Anxiety (Similarities & Differences)

    8. Stress & Anxiety Graph & Quotes

    9. 16-Minute Activity: Gentle Yoga for Depression

    10. Chapter 2: Quiz

    11. Assignment: Thought Paper #1

    1. Adaptive Yoga: A Key to Mental Health

    2. Why Adaptive Yoga (Overview)

    3. 3 Types of Yoga Cues

    4. 15 Healing Cues (with Sample Dialogue)

    5. Adaptive Elements

    6. 20 Vagus Nerve Exercises

    7. Nervous System & Polyvagal Theory

    8. Activity: Vagus Nerve Exercise

    9. Chapter 3 - Quiz

    10. Assignment: Thought Paper #2

    1. Intro to Trauma-Informed Yoga & 4 Noble Truths

    2. 5 Ways to Heal Trauma

    3. Trauma and Yoga, approach from Dr Bessel van der Kolk

    4. 3 Keys to Trauma Healing & 10 Elements of Trauma-Informed Yoga

    5. Yoga for Trauma

    6. 12 Self-Soothing and Self Regulation Techniques for Trauma, Stress & Anxiety

    7. 3 Styles of Trauma-Informed Classes (Chart)

    8. Trauma & Trauma Healing (Quotes)

    9. Journal of Nonprofit Innovation - Trauma Informed Approach Edition (Reading)

    10. 12-Minute Full Body Stretch

    11. Chapter 4: Quiz

    12. Assignment: Thought Paper #3

    1. Kosha Model & Mental Health

    2. The Breath: A Healing Tool

    3. 10 Breathing Techniques & Demonstrations

    4. Breathing Techniques & Benefits (Chart)

    5. Breathing Exercise with 3 Kosha Bodies - Explanation & Demonstration

    6. Breathing Exercise with 3 Kosha Bodies (Chart)

    7. Activity: Breathing Journal - Activity Sheet

    8. Chapter 5: Quiz

    9. Assignment: Thought Paper #4

    1. Discussion on Meditation & Mindfulness

    2. 4 Ways to Improve the Brain by Nikki Korteweg

    3. 9 Attitudes Needed for Mindfulness Meditation

    4. 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness & Meditation (Details)

    5. Meditation Phases and Exercises

    6. Chakra Model

    7. Chakra Reference Guide & Sound Chart

    8. Activity: Meditation & Mindfulness Journal - Activity Sheet

    9. Step-by-Step Mantra Meditation & 150 Daily Mantras

    10. Chapter 6: Quiz

    11. 9-Minute Color Visualization Meditation by Dr. Angie Holzer (Audio)

    12. Assignment: Thought Paper #5

About this course

  • $950.00
  • 84 lessons
  • 40-Hour Certification Course

What You Will Receive

Yoga Will Heal is a professional course & certification program for yoga instructors, health professionals, educators (K-12) and anyone interested in learning how yoga helps with mental health.

  • Courses On-Demand

  • Self Directed Practicum/Assignments

  • Yoga Reflection Journal (Notebook)

  • Instructor Q & A Session(s) when needed

  • Downloadable Resources

  • Mental Health Curriculum (Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, ADHD, Eating Disorders & Trauma)

Benefits for Teachers K-12

Yoga for Mental Health Certification

  • Professional Certification

    Teachers and Educators in K-12 Schools can get credit for taking this course. Contact us for more details. Add our Yoga for Mental Health Certification to your resume. Making yourself more marketable.

  • Classroom Friendly

    This certification is the perfect match to help educators in K-12 classrooms. Learn ways to create a healing environment in your classroom to help those who struggle with mental health.

  • Instructor Database

    Your name will be added to our database of growing certified instructors. All certified individuals will have the opportunity to start offering classes in your school & community in Yoga for Mental Health.

Yoga for Mental Health Certification

At the completion of your course, all participants receive a certification.

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“I loved learning about the different elements of yoga and how they apply to mental health. Often I wonder if yoga instructors are aware of my mental health concerns as I sit in their classroom. Now I am empowered to adapt the class to fit my needs.”

Sarah (yoga participant)

“Thank you! I really enjoyed this certification and will now use it in my professional work. It allows me to suggest elements of yoga to my clients when they struggle with certain areas of mental health.”


“This certification has enhanced my understanding of how to care of my yoga classes. It has helped me be more mindful of their needs and I give them options instead of simply show them one example of a pose. My classes seem happier now. ”

Sarah (Yoga Instructor)